BLOOM | Lashes Extensions - Tulsa, OK

Our designs are customized to you by length, volume, and curl for the natural eyelash pattern and support. We have many length options to follow the multi-dimensional growth pattern by short, medium, and long. The curl options for a beautifully soft curve gives a gentle lift and a curlier option for a higher lift. For volume options we delicately handcraft lash bouquets to each natural eyelash customized to your individual needs for fullness.

All eyes and needs are different. Each look will depend on your natural eyelash length and support. We recommend following the professional recommendation. Afterward, when we see how your eyelashes hold, we can then gradually work up in length and fullness. 

We understand that everyone may have a preferred look in mind, we have categorized looks based on volume customized to your eyes.

MINI - Extend  length and minimal volume

MIDI - Blends length and medium volume

MAXI - Expand length and maximal volume

Our extensions are black, made of soft, rich silk or cashmere options. They are individually handmade and delicately crafted, never pre-made. 

Our hypo-allergenic adhesive is for sensitive eyes in clear color. The glue is medical-grade, latex-free, formaldehyde-free. Formulated to dry quickly with minimal down-time for lasting-hold and wear. 

Our lash fills are based on our natural eyelash growth and needs. 

Our eyelashes continue to grow and we naturally lose 2-4 per day. As eyelashes begin to grow they will gradually get longer and need to be replaced by a new extension for continued wear. 

Our lifestyle such as exercise; can affect retention by the oil in our sweat or facial products. The heat from a dryer or cooking could weaken the bond and/or singe the extensions. Our health can also affect hair growth such as certain medications can slow growth or speed it up. 

We understand this so we have options besides the standard growth for those who may need in sooner at a discounted rate or prefer to visit    once per month to save on cost.