Bloom | Lash Extensions - Tulsa, OK   Eyelash Extensions are hand-crafted to the natural eyelash support by multi-dimensional lengths and balanced volume.

The application process is very relaxing, we understand this is your time to relax. We have a clean environment to bring your own blanket for your comfort.​ 

Eyelash Extensions enhancement is based on the individual's natural eyelash support. The stylist will not compromise the integrity of their work or the natural eyelashes. Please follow professional recommendations. 

We recommend starting conservatively with eyelash extensions to gradually adjust to your new look then work up to more length or volume if needed. 

  What are eyelash extensions? 
Eyelash extensions are a natural-looking enhancement to your own individual natural eyelashes. This specialized technique requires skill and precision to expertly mimic your own natural eyelashes for proper support in length and volume. 
  How long do eyelash extensions last? 
Every "body" is different, and it depends on individual needs, varying 2-4 weeks.
We offer options for fills that best suit individual growth cycles, lifestyles, and needs. 

  Are your products safe & gentle? 
Yes, our products are hypo-allergenic, latex-free, formaldehyde-free, and cruelty-free. All of our products are formulated for sensitivities and we understand there is always a possibility to develop an allergy at any time. We do our best to always be conscientious of our ingredients.

  Are lash extensions healthy for the natural lash? 
Yes, with proper application and proper home care. We take great care in the health of the natural eyelashes by
individually applying the extensions according to the natural eyelash support by length, volume, and curl. Our weightless cashmere extensions and medical-grade adhesive are latex-free and formaldehyde-free, for a soft, smooth and seamless application without touching the skin. The natural eyelash goes through a cycle of growth and naturally sheds with the extension attached, keeping your lashes strong and healthy. Proper at-home-care and hygiene are a must to keep natural eyelashes healthy. Always wash hands before touching eyes, do not touch, rub, or pick eyes to avoid spreading germs. Wash eyes every evening to remove oils, dirt, or cosmetics. This will aid in avoiding the break down of adhesive.

  Take note: We apply the eyelash extensions based on natural eyelash support. 
Example: If you are used to wearing strip lashes on your eyelid skin but naturally have a minimal amount of natural lashes it is not possible to achieve that same strip lash look without potential damage to the hair follicle. It is important to have realistic expectations by what the natural eyelashes can achieve and support. The stylist will not compromise the integrity of your natural eyelashes and will follow our policy. Please do not leave negative feedback due to this.

  Can anyone wear lashes? 
Those with an allergy to any adhesive should not wear eyelash extensions. 
Retention depends on skin-type, environment, lifestyle, and care. Such as:

                                                      Naturally Oily Skin Type
                                                      Oil in Product/Cosmetics 
                                                     Climate; High Heat; Steam
                                                   Exercise; Excessive Sweating
                                                  Medications; rapid hair-growth

  How do I care for the eyelash extensions?  
Always wash hands before touching your eyes, do not rub, pick, or apply anything on or near the eyes that can interfere with the bond of the eyelash extensions. Proper hygiene and care should be taken at home to avoid loss or infection. Please follow these guidelines:

Avoid moisture-steam 24hrs after service.
Always wash hands before touching the eyes.
                                   Do not over-brush lashes - only fluff extensions.
                              Avoid oil such as; oily skin, sweat, and oil in products.
                            No sauna, oven, blow-dryer; will singe/straighten/weaken
                       Excessive  eye-makeup wear; when removing can cause fallout
                    We can not guarantee longevity if proper at-home care is not given. 
                 Avoid; sprays, sunscreen, creams, foundation, primer, eyeliner, mascara.
  What are the design differences? 
     Classic | Extend
     Hybrid | Blends
     Volume | Expand
BASED ON NATURAL SUPPORT by Shape, Length, Strength, Volume.

  What is a lash fill? 
 The natural eyelash has phases of lash growth and will cycle at different times. When your eyelash sheds, a new eyelash grows out and a new extension is applied. Every “body” is different, we naturally lose 2-4 eyelashes per day. Take proper at-home care and schedule according to your natural eyelash growth cycle to keep up with the eyelash extensions look. 
  How often should I get a lash fill? 
We recommend fill-ins every 2-4 weeks due to the natural growth cycle. We offer different fill options by growth to best suit your needs. It is important to care for your eyelashes at home by washing your eyes every evening for proper hygiene and do not touch, pick, or pull them.
  What are the Lash Fill differences? 
Minimal | 30m

Medium | 45m

Maximal | 60m
BASED ON NATURAL SUPPORT by Shape, Length, Strength, Volume.

  Do you accept transfers from other salons? 
Yes we do. Although, please understand that there are many lash artists at different levels of skill and lash salons that have different protocols and techniques for lashing. It is best to start with a new set at Bloom instead of us trying to imitate what you are used to from another stylist. But, we are always happy to work with your desired look. Please allow grace as we get to know your expectations.

  How should I prepare for my appointment? 
Please arrive on time, if you are early please have a seat and wait till we are finished with our current appointment. If you are late, your appointment will end at the allotted time to not have the next client wait. It is best to come in with no eye-makeup and clean eyes. We have an option to wash at the salon before the appointment if needed. For special events; we recommend scheduling a week in advance to get used to your new eyelash extensions look or to make any necessary changes. 

  Concerned about glue sensitivity? 
Our adhesive is hypo-allergenic and pigment-free. Although allergy is rare, for concerns we recommend scheduling a 48-hour allergy test. If sensitivity occurs contact us for removal. 

  How long does the application take? 
Plan to set aside 1-2 hours for your set application depending on the amount of natural eyelashes. And 30-60 minutes for your fill depending on your needs. Our services are by appointment only and do not take walk-ins since we are a small boutique salon. Our door remains locked during business hours for no distractions. Check your confirmation email for the door code. This service is gentle, painless and relaxing, with a comfortable bed, soothing music, humidifier, and blanket if needed. 

  What is Lash +/or Brow [Lift] Lamination? 
The lamination is a semi-permanent enhancement for lift to the natural lashes or brows.
We add organic oil for softer healthier hairs. 30-45 minutes. 24-hr downtime. 
*Must naturally have longer and thicker hair for noticeable difference.

  What are eyelash and eyebrow tint? 
The vegetable-based, semi-permanent-tint adds pigment to the natural hairs from root to tip that lasts the length of your natural growth for up to one month. 

  Is the eyelash or eyebrow tint safe? 
Absolutely. If you are concerned about sensitivities; we recommend a 48-hour allergy test. We place a small amount behind the ear. Any sign of allergy; wash and apply cortisone cream. 

  Will this look natural? 
This is a soft enhancement. We have different pigments depending on the look you prefer. Lashes will have a soft coat of mascara look and for brows, soft powder to the brows look.

  What is an eyebrow wax + shape? 
This is a cosmetic treatment by using 
soft wax to clean up excess hair to define and/or shape the eyebrows. We recommended a touch-up every 2-4 weeks. 

  Will this look natural? 
Yes, we follow your natural eyebrow pattern. If the eyebrows need to be more defined and shaped we can do this as well. We will consult with you before the application.

  Need to know? 
Those taking medications such as Retin-A or Accutane are advised to not proceed.

  What to expect. 
The stylist cleans the brows to remove dirt, oil, and makeup; trims hairs according to shape; the wax is applied and removed; tweezing for definition. The eyebrows will be cleaned again and a light lotion is applied to calm the skin of redness or irritation.